Water sports

At Casa Pallanza the facilities to make the most out of the beautiful Lago Maggiore are exceptional because of the direct lake access. For people who love water sports the property offers everything you wish for including swimming, snorkelling, sailing, rowing, wakeboarding, surfing, paddle boarding, canoeing or just laying down on the sunbeds and staring over the water.

A private port for large boats (up to 10 m) with an inside floating mooring platform and an outside jetty offers many possibilities to moor a boat. This port can also be used as a private swimming area or a sun deck. It is safe for children. A part of the port is covered, in which you can put small boats. Also a buoy for boat parking in front of the port, within swimming distance from the dock, is available for your boat. The garden also provides a boat ramp to step easily into small boats or canoes. You can use free of charge the 3 canoes, a padde board (with or without sail), a small sailing boat (Laser Pico, only for experienced sailers) and 2 small paddle boards.

If you want to rent a speedboat (without drivers license) we can provide that on an extra rental fee basis. You can also bring your own boat.

For us, it really was a top location, because we could bring our boat

and leave it easy and comfortable in the little harbour.”

“A fairytale and sunny paradise”


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